Reishan McIntosh is an architectural and interdisciplinary designer based in San Francisco, California.

— Foreigner at Home
Building as Surface
Of Earth and Sky
What’s Behind the Curtain?
Collaborative Living
Speculative HQ

re– un– in– de– 
— Interviews: Doh Ho Suh
A Japanese Constellation


— re– un– in– de–

rethink; rebuild; redevelop; reinhabit
undo; unfold; unearth; uncover
integrate; insert; invert; intervene
deform; decolonize; destabilize; deploy

A prefix is not a word until it is attached to one, taking something that exists and changing and charging its meaning. The prefix operates as an analogy for the processes that have defined our methodologies and driven this collection of work. Our studios are defined by the language that drives our critiques, discussions and studio practice. Language creates a set of operations, but what culture is inherently created through these conditioned methodologies? Through this exhibition, we hope to reveal how language has fostered a pedagogy of interventions.

Branding and identity for the show designed by myself and Aaron Teves. One of the posters placed around the campus to market the show.  ︎︎︎

A catalog of our collective work made during our time at Rhode Island School of Design featuring work not exihibited. We grouped our work in terms of mutual aesthetics, themes, and design. Each page is labeled with just a location, while the cover indexes the fuller details. 

1 Student curated exhibition of work at RISD BEB Gallery in winter of 2020 with Aaron Teves, Katie Solien, Yunchao Le, Jake Lefeber, and Benjamin Han.